Our target

Firms, private citizens, public authorities and even cultural assets.

All our services are targeted for every context, both in industrial and in public or private field, cultural assets and public authorities included.

Siva has been specializing in birds’ removal for more than sixty years of work. We know deeply several cruelty-free methods of disinfection and reclamation.

. SIVA ha adottato una strategia innovativa che rivolge particolare attenzione al rispetto dell’ambiente, della persona e degli animali no target. L’esperienza maturata in una così lunga storia ci ha permesso di strutturarci ed organizzarci per venire incontro alle esigenze di qualsiasi tipologia di cliente.

Siva offers targeted services even to the most demanding firms with some factories or branches abroad. In this way they have the opportunity of managing their pest matter only with a service provider. We are deeply conscient of the importance of taking into account the characteristics of every geographical area.

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