Safe for man, painless for animals


It’s an animal product made of corn grain, processed with Nicarbazin. It is useful to control doves’ births in urban areas. It is able to interrupt doves’ fertility during the whole treatment period. In this way it contributes to a decrease of births among the members of this species.
It is not toxic
For pigeons: it hasn’t severe or chronic toxic effects. Rather, its effect is totally reversible. It hasn’t any risk for mammals, neither for humans, indeed, toxicity by Nicarbazin occurs only with a dosage of that product that is definitely too high to be given.
There’s no risk for raptors or other birds: the quantity of nicarbazin that a predator (eating a pigeon) ingests is very low and not sufficient to exert a contraceptive effect. Italian and international animal and environment welfare organisations support this medically induced system, as it doesn’t provoke pain for pigeons. On the contrary, it improves their health conditions.
Pigeons and seagulls

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