Cleanup of bird feces

Bird feces are a serious problem for humans’ health

There are several problems of health and hygiene, caused by the presence of pigeons’ feces. They could transmit different kind of disease, such as ornithosis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, mycosis, toxoplasmosis or histoplasmosis.

People take the most serious risk when there’s a raise of dust. Indeed, through inhaling, some contagious spores could reach our lung.

This is the reason why pigeons’ feces must be removed using a special suction tubing, put on the ground. Using this tool, it’s possible to throw it away, without any contact, and without the making of any kind of dangerous dust

Once closed into a special container, waste will be disposed as required by law. Therefore, in order to clean up a place, it’s mandatory to follow a method which respects employees’ safety and health.

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