Our Methods

We deeply respect animals’ health and humans’ safety.

We act in a urban context based on a peaceful coexistence. It’s very important to take into account that it’s necessary to control the hardest situations by adopting different strategies. In this way, we can carry on our task, even considering the following aspects:

  • Costs and benefits
  • Achieving goals
  • Respect of animals’ health
  • Use of a safe procedure
  • All SIVA’s methods are totally cruelty-free and even free from chemicals. Our main focus is birds’ health protection, even keeping in mind our ultimate task: achieving our goal of sanitising the affected area.

    Cleanup of bird feces

    There are several problems of health and hygiene, caused by the presence of pigeons’ feces. They could transmit different kind of disease, such as ornithosis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, mycosis, toxoplasmosis or histoplasmosis.

    Bird nets and burglar alarm barrier

    Bird nets are made of soft and high strength stabilising polypropylene fibres. They are UV rays and weather-resistant, plus they are fire-retardant and conform to the UNI 9176 standard.

    Bird nets are highly effective, they can be used to block the access to courtyards, skylights, alcoves or bell cells. They can be easily disassembled if necessary. They are totally harmless for birds’ safety.

    Mechanical bollards

    It’s suitable to protect buildings’ ledges from birds’ attacks and presence. It doesn’t allow them to settle on a stainless steel or UV-protective Lexan polycarbonate surface

    Twitchy wire

    It’s a system composed of a stainless-steel wire, covered in anti-UV sheath.

    Sound alarm bollard

    It’s the only system in the world which can reproduce pain and alarm calls and the yell of their enemies (raptors), as well. In this way it’s possible to create a stressful situation, even though it doesn’t cause any physical risk, neither a health threat for them. Thus, this kind of system can be considered one of the best cruelty-free methods to control birdlife

    Electrostatic systems

    Electrostatic system has a fourth-generation electronic control unit. It is equipped with a digital user-friendly interface. It is used to program some important operating parameters and to supervise powerlines condition. This plant is powered by electricity or battery.


    It’s an animal product made of corn grain, processed with Nicarbazin. It is useful to control doves’ births in urban areas. It is able to interrupt doves’ fertility during the whole treatment period. In this way it contributes to a decrease of births among the members of this species.


    Projecting a laser beam near the birds, birds will immediately take flight, as it is seen as a danger, a physical risk for them. Laser-based system is a clean and silent way to solve birds’ problem, it doesn’t hurt them. It ensures a long-lasting effectiveness; it can direct birds’ flight.

    Works on ropes

    We operate both in natural and artificial settings, such as bell towers, facades, coverings and so on, all the places that can’t be reached with aerial work platforms.

    We have gained a deep know-how for more than seventy years. Thus, today we can affirm for sure that we are able to take action everywhere.

    We operate both in public and in private structures, and even in sanitary facilities and cultural assets.

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