Sound alarm bollard

Starlings’ bollard

Random digital system
It’s the only system in the world which can reproduce pain and alarm calls and the yell of their enemies (raptors), as well. In this way it’s possible to create a stressful situation, even though it doesn’t cause any physical risk, neither a health threat for them. Thus, this kind of system can be considered one of the best cruelty-free methods to control birdlife.
Basically, these systems are module players, they appear in a solid state and have a low consumption. They haven’t any moving part
They’re high powered. Their purpose is removing every damage or problem caused by birds. This device is designed to be used both outdoor and indoor. Thus, it ensures maximum protection to harsh weather conditions (rain, chill, heat).
Where you can use it
Random system is perfect to expel starlings, it’s suitable for avenues, parks, gardens and so on, even in a urban setting.


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