They settle in different environments, even though they tend to avoid wooded areas.

It’s a species characterised by a changing behaviour. It modified its own social and nutritional habits according to the close relationship it created with humans. It settles in different environments, even though it tends to avoid wooded areas.
Usually, they are quite sedentary. They could scatter when young, looking for new locations where they can breed. They only make daily shifts (both vertically and horizontally), so they never get away from their nest, except when they move towards harvested fields. They take their food on the ground, where they also make sand baths, very useful to clean their plumage. They also tend to lean on sun-drenched ledges or on the top of the roofs.
Basically, it feeds on plants, like seeds, berries or cereals, even if nestlings or adults in breeding time also eat little invertebrates. It’s possible to act using the same methods as for pigeons. However, it’s necessary to take into account that some deterrent systems (such as birds net) need to be adapted to their size, that is quite smaller.

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