They are comfortable both in the countryside and in cities

It is a species composed of several groups coming from Europe and Asia. Starlings are common in mild climate and boreal areas. This area extends over a big part of Asia, all Europe and almost the entire Mediterranean basin, except Spain, Portugal, Corsica and Sardinia. In these areas, instead, it is possible to find black starlings.
They are comfortable both in the countryside and in cities. Starlings are one of the most adaptable species, as they can live in many different habitats. They are used to live in valleys, hills, cultivated fields and, in general, in all agricultural environment. In addition, they also settle in forests and wetlands. Previously, they were used to spend the whole night in reeds and woods, but lately they seem preferring urban and suburban areas, where they take shelter with hundreds of their own kind, creating something like a dormitory.
It is an omnivorous species, basically it feeds on insects, seeds, berries, fruit, amphibians or even food waste, thrown away by humans. By the way, starlings’ diet is very adaptable, according to the season. It is used to nest in the hollows of trees or rocks. However, since a while it has been nesting also in ravines of urban buildings, on rooftops, in the tiles or in the walls’ holes. Starlings have a broad ecological tolerance: they can adapt in several environments quite easily and fast, finding effective solutions to the change. In urban areas, it is very common to try to frighten them, so that they can flee away on their own. This procedure’s name is distress call it is a very effective method, used in order to minimise the damages they provoke

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